© 2017 by Savilla & Dr.Thundersmoke

“The power to predict the future is not so valuable or so truly prophetic as the power to see what the future ought to be and to help create it”  


This song and video I just completed was created in support of the very real and dangerous threat to the majority of the population of the United States of America!  That threat consists of the possible loss of many essential and naturally given human rights!  Including, but not limited to: Women’s Rights, Black, Ethnic Minorities, Latino/Immigrants, LGBT,  Native Peoples rights and Cannabis Rights.  


This song and video also very strongly addresses the current negative circumstances that Millennial's are facing every day!  I am a millennial, and feel resolutely that the large population of the Millennial's throughout the USA, and around the world, needs to UNITE and UNIFY as ONE POWERFUL VOICE in REPRESENTATION of our public stance and WORLD VIEW!!  MILLENNIAL'S IT’S TIME TO UNITE!!!!


We are the largest single block (79 million) of citizens in the USA!  UNITED we are POWERFUL and we’re STRONGER, MOVING HIGHER, ALL TOGETHER…  HERE WE GO!!!!





Here We Go 

I feel this song is self explanatory. Possibly we have all been in this space at some point in time in our life.  Ugh... changes!

Tried To Tell You